The email addresses contained herein are private and confidential.  The intent of this list is for individual use and not mass mailings.  All mass mailings should be made through reunion contacts only.  Any other use is prohibited.

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Yr Grad Lost? Last Name First Name Middle Nickname Married Name Email Name
1972 No Abney Anne   Anne Benning 
1972 No Abrego Gilbert   Gilbert   no email 12/12/04
1972 Yes Aguilar Connie   Connie    
1972 Yes Aikman Richard   Richard    
1972 Yes Alexander Linda   Linda   no email/on classmates
1972 No Allphin Keith L. Keith   No email 091303
1972 No Almaraz Eloy I. Eloy
1972 Yes Alvarado Frank   Frank    
1972 Yes Alvarado Yolanda   Yolands    
1972 No Alvarez Gloria   Gloria Gil
1972 Yes Alvarez John   John    
1972 Yes Anderson George   George    
1972 Yes Anderson Sandra   Sandra    
1972 No Andrews Cindy   Cindy Johnson
1972 Yes Andrews Trey   Trey    
1972 Yes Antoni Carmen C. Carmen    
1972 No Archer Anne
1972 No Ashworth Paulette   Paulette Townes
1972 No Asmussen Kurt   Kurt
1972 Yes Athey Brenda   Brenda    
1972 Yes Avila Sandra   Sandra    
1972 Yes Ayers Luann   Luann    
1972 No Bailess Scotty Lynn Scotty Brown
1972 No Bailey Kathy   Kathy
1972 Yes Baldwin James   James    
1972 Yes Banner Linda   Linda   No email?  On Classmates
1972 Yes Barcroft Dan   Dan    
1972 No Baria Paul   Paul   Not Published
1972 Yes Barnett Teresa   Teresa    
1972 Yes Barraza LuzMary   LuzMary    
1972 Yes Barrera Noel   Noel    
1972 Yes Barrera Tommy   Tommy    
1972 No Barrett Stephanie   Stephanie Horton
1972 Yes Barrientez Jessie   Jessie    
1972 Yes Bartlett Gary   Gary    
1972 Yes Bartlett Robert   Robert    
1972 Yes Bartosch Judy   Judy    
1972 No Bartosh Joyce   Joyce Franklin
1972 No Beal Laurie   Laurie Cook
1972 No Beaver Richard   Richard 
1972 No Beaver Sue   Sue
1972 No Becker Jerry   Jerry   No email 2/04
1972 Yes Beckstrom Judy   Jerry    
1972 Yes Belle LouLou       No email? On classmates
1972 Yes Benavides Diana   Diana    
1972 No Benes Larry   Larry   No email 12/03
1972 No Bentley, III John M John
1972 Yes Bergfeld Cindy   Cindy    
1972 No Bergfeld George King George
1972 Yes Bergman Dan   Dan   Need new email
1972 Yes Bible Charlotte   Charlotte    
1972 No Biles Jackie   Jackie Marek No email 4/04
1972 Yes Birdsong Gail   Gail    
1972 Yes Birdsong Tommy   Tommy    
1972 Yes Blackburn Wayne   Wayne    
1972 Yes Blakely Gary   Gary    
1972 Yes Blakely Greg   Greg    
1972 Yes Blalock Charles   Charles    
1972 No Bloomfield Daryl Wayne Daryl
1972 No Blount Patrick   Pat
1972 Yes Bocanegra Pete   Pete    
1972 No Bonecutter Michael   Michael   Deceased 1987
1972 No Bost Ray   Ray   12/3/04
1972 Yes Bostick Lynn   Lynn    
1972 Yes Bowen Gail   Gail    
1972 No Bowman Katie   Katie    
1972 Yes Boyd John David John   No email? On classmates
1972 Yes Braden Marlene   Marlene    
1972 Yes Bradford Jim   Jim    
1972 No Bradshaw Lynn   Lynn Hull Not Published
1972 No Brannon Nancy   Nancy Reed  No email? On classmates
1972 Yes Brasfield David   David    
1972 No Braslau Dorothy   Dottie Glaze
1972 Yes Bratz Sonny   Sonny    
1972 No Brewton William   William
1972 No Bridges, Jr. Leon C. Leon
1972 No Broussard Donna   Donna Veselka
1972 No Brown Diane   Diane Gadell
1972 No Brown Eddie R Ed
1972 Yes Brown Gail   Gail    
1972 No Brown Janet   Janet    
1972 Yes Brown Sandra   Sandra    
1972 Yes Brumfield Harry   Harry    
1972 Yes Bryant Jeanann   Jeanann    
1972 No Brzozowski Carol   Carol Benevides 
1972 No Buntin Donald   Don
1972 Yes Burkard Glenn   Glenn   no e-mail 2-1-o4 
1972 Yes Burnett Cheri   Cheri    
1972 Yes Burnip Dean   Dean    
1972 No Burton Christina   Tina Fick
1972 No Busker Drew H. Drew
1972 Yes Cabello Diana   Diana    
1972 No Calahan James   James   no e-mail 8-15-04 
1972 No Camp James   James
1972 No Campbell Kirk E.  Kirk
1972 Yes Cannon Sally   Sally   No email? On classmates
1972 Yes Cantu Eddie   Eddie    
1972 Yes Cantu Abel   Abel    
1972 No Cantu David   David
1972 Yes Cantu Gilbert   Gilbert    
1972 Yes Cantu Hector   Hector    
1972 No Capen Kenny   Kenny   Deceased March 1990
1972 Yes Carpenter Brenda   Brenda Kay  No email 9/04
1972 Yes Carpenter Troy   Troy    
1972 Yes Carpenter John   John    
1972 Yes Carpenter Pamela   Pamela    
1972 Yes Carrell James   James    
1972 Yes Carrion M. Imelda Imelda    
1972 Yes Carroll James   James    
1972 Yes Carter James   James    
1972 Yes Carter Barbara   Barbara    
1972 Yes Carter Lia   Lia    
1972 Yes Cash Ed   Ed    
1972 Yes Casteel Archie   Archie    
1972 Yes Castillo Joe   Joe    
1972 No Castillo Ysidro   Ysidro   Deceased Oct 1996
1972 No Cavada Rose   Rose Garza
1972 Yes Cavazos Freddy   Freddy    
1972 Yes Chandler Carl   Carl    
1972 No Chapa Charles   Charlie
1972 No Chapa, III Alex   Alex
1972 Yes Chapman Paul   Paul    
1972 Yes Chapman Cindy   Cindy    
1972 Yes Chavez Arnold   Arnold   No email?  On Classmates
1972 Yes Cheatham Teresa   Teresa    
1972 Yes Cheek Patricia   Patricia    
1972 Yes Churchwell Shane       No email? On classmates
1972 Yes Cisneros Mary Louise Mary    
1972 No Clark Mike   Mike
1972 Yes Clark Tommy   Tommy    
1972 Yes Cody Billy   Billy    
1972 No Cohrs Beverly   Beverly Price no email 081803
1972 Yes Collier Gwenn Marie  Gwenn    
1972 Yes Colunga Susie   Susie    
1972 Yes Conde Alice   Alice    
1972 No Contrearas Richard   Richard    
1972 Yes Cook Melissa   Melissa    
1972 Yes Cook Richard   Richard    
1972 No Cooper Mary Ann Cooper Williams
1972 Yes Cornelius Michael   Michael   No email?  On Classmates 
1972 No Crabtree Lou Ann Lou Pitman
1972 No Cradoct Cindy   Cindy Willhite
1972 Yes Crawford Regina   Regina    
1972 No Crews Cheryl Rae Cheryl
1972 Yes Crider Brenda   Brenda    
1972 Yes Crist Carol   Carol Obissett
1972 Yes Cruz Roger P. Roger    
1972 Yes Cudmore Kim   Kim    
1972 Yes Custer Vic   Vic    
1972 Yes Dawson Robert   Robert    
1972 Yes DeAses, Jr. Albert   Albert    
1972 Yes DeHoyos Joe   Joe    
1972 Yes DeLeon Victor   Victor    
1972 No DeLeon Robert   Robby
1972 Yes Dempster Dymond   Dymond    
1972 Yes Denton Cyndie   Cyndie    
1972 Yes Diaz Cynthia   Cynthia    
1972 No Dieter James   James 
1972 Yes Dillard Judy   Judy    
1972 No Dillman Gwen   Gwen Koliba
1972 Yes Ditto Steve   Steve    
1972 Yes Dobelstein Gail   Gail    
1972 No Donaldson Paul   Paul
1972 Yes Doring Ronald   Ronald    
1972 No Doss Michael   Michael
1972 Yes Doss Sylvia   Sylvia    
1972 Yes Dowden Sarah   Sarah    
1972 Yes Driver Rick   Rick    
1972 No Duff Tommy   Tommy   No email?  On Classmates
1972 No Duge Mike   Mike   MDUGE@GRANDENET.COM
1972 No Duncan Mark   Mark   No email?  On Classmates 
1972 Yes Dunn Mike   Mike    
1972 No Dunnahoo Ronald   Ronald
1972 Yes Dusek Michael   Michael    
1972 No Dykes William M.  Bill
1972 Yes Dzuibanek Susie   Susie    
1972 Yes Earl Joe   Joe    
1972 No Ecoff Martin   Martin
1972 Yes Edwards Renae   Renae    
1972 No Ellis Sharon   Sharon
1972 Yes Ellis Kim   Kim    
1972 Yes Ellison Suzie   Suzie    
1972 No Engels Brent   Brent   Deceased Nov 1987
1972 Yes Enriquez Mario   Mario    
1972 Yes Erkert Phyllis   Phyllis    
1972 Yes Ermis Kenneth   Kenneth    
1972 Yes Escobedo Eli   Eli    
1972 Yes Estep Cynthia   Cyndy    
1972 Yes Estes Debi   Debi    
1972 Yes Evans Charles   Charles    
1972 No Evans Steve   Steve
1972 Yes Fahrenthold Paul   Paul    
1972 No Farek Cynthia   Cindy
1972 Yes Fenner Gary   Gary    
1972 No Fidler Frank   Frank
1972 No Finke Bobby   Bob
1972 Yes Flores Roy   Roy    
1972 Yes Flores Melinda   Melinda    
1972 Yes Flores John   John   No email?  On Classmates 
1972 Yes Flores Maria   Maria    
1972 Yes Foerster Dennis   Dennis    
1972 No Forbes Rhodann   Rhodann Elliott
1972 No Fowler Betsy   Betsy
1972 Yes Fowler Sarah   Sarah    
1972 No Fox Kathryn   Kathryn Achord Deceased
1972 No Francis Glenn   Glenn
1972 No Frank John   John   not published
1972 Yes Free Arlette   Arlette    
1972 Yes Freeman Cynthia   Cynthia    
1972 Yes Freeman Cindy   Cindy    
1972 No Frontz James   James   Deceased 
1972 No Frosch Jean   Jean Cersosimo
1972 Yes Fuller Gayle   Gayle    
1972 Yes Gadell Diane   Diane   No email?  On Classmates
1972 No Galvan Albert   Albert
1972 Yes Galvan Ralph   Ralph    
1972 Yes Galvan Richard   Richard    
1972 Yes Gambel Nancy   Nancy   No email?  On Classmates
1972 No Garcia Molly   Molly Berger 
1972 No Garcia Amanda   Amanda Rodriguez  Deceased 7/12/06
1972 Yes Garcia Anna   Anna    
1972 Yes Garcia Cynthia   Cynthia    
1972 Yes Garcia David   David    
1972 Yes Garcia Lauro   Lauro    
1972 Yes Garcia Maria Teresa Maria    
1972 No Garcia Raymond   Raymond
1972 Yes Garcia Rudy   Rudy    
1972 Yes Garnon Gary   Gary    
1972 Yes Garza Alejandro   Alejandro    
1972 No Garza Eddie   Eddie   No email?  On Classmates 
1972 No Garza David   David   No email?  On Classmates
1972 No Garza Bob   Bob
1972 No Garza Liz   Liz Guerra
1972 Yes Garza Elizabeth   Elizabeth    
1972 No Garza Raffy   Raffy Vizcaino
1972 No Gaugler Ralph   Rick
1972 Yes Gauntt Randy   Randy    
1972 No Gayden Brenda   Brenda Stover
1972 No Gearhart Cynthia   Cindy Cannon
1972 Yes Genteman Elnora   Elnora    
1972 Yes Geron Stephen   Steve   No email?  On Classmates 
1972 Yes Gibb Beth   Beth    
1972 No Gilpin Mike   Mike
1972 Yes Gipson Nancy   Nancy  
1972 No Glass William   Bill
1972 No Gleason Kathleen   Kathleen Grant
1972 No Glover Bill   Bill   Deceased Jan 1997
1972 Yes Glover Pam   Pam    
1972 Yes Gomez Sarah   Sarah    
1972 Yes Gomez Gregory   Gregory    
1972 Yes Gomez Johnny   Johnny    
1972 Yes Gomez Ricardo   Ricardo    
1972 Yes Gonzales Maria   Maria    
1972 No Gonzalez Joseph   Joseph
1972 Yes Gonzalez Carmen   Carmen    
1972 Yes Gonzalez Johnny   Johnny    
1972 Yes Gonzalez Manuel   Manuel    
1972 Yes Gonzalez Delbert   Delbert    
1972 Yes Gonzalez Gilberta   Gilberta    
1972 Yes Gonzalez Hector   Hector    
1972 No Gonzalez Joe   Joe 
1972 Yes Gonzalez Ofelia   Ofelia    
1972 No Goos Dennis   Dennis   no e-mail 8-14-04 
1972 Yes Gorman Vicki   Vicki    
1972 Yes Green Marvinia   Marvinia    
1972 Yes Greenwood George   George    
1972 No Greer Karl W.  Karl
1972 Yes Gregg Mary   Mary    
1972 No Gregory Rebecca   Becki DuMolt
1972 Yes Griffin Jerry   Jerry    
1972 Yes Griffith Kay   Kay    
1972 No Gross Roberta   Roberta Sheelar
1972 Yes Groves Mark   Mark    
1972 No Grunwald Robert   Robert   Deceased July 1986
1972 Yes Guajardo Marilu   Marilu    
1972 No Guerra Jimmy   Jimmy   No email ???
1972 Yes Guerra Mary   Mary Saenz No email?  On Classmates
1972 No Guerra Johnny   Johnny
1972 Yes Guerra Edward   Edward    
1972 Yes Guillen Orlando   Orlando    
1972 Yes Gunnels Pam   Pam   Need new email 
1972 Yes Gutierrez Rudy   Rudy    
1972 No Gwin Carolyn   Carolyn McDonald 
1972 Yes Habeeb Deidra   Deidra    
1972 No Hagseth Barbara   Barbara   no e-mail 8-14-04 
1972 No Hale Milo   Milo   Deceased Sept 1998
1972 Yes Hall Patricia   Trisha    
1972 Yes Hall Charles   Charles    
1972 Yes Haller Rhonda   Rhonda    
1972 No Hamilton David   David   No email?  On Classmates 
1972 Yes Hamilton Dann   Dann    
1972 No Hammock James   James   no e-mail 8-14-04 
1972 Yes Hamrick Jerry   Jerry    
1972 No Hankins David   David
1972 Yes Hanna LeeAnn   LeeAnn    
1972 Yes Hansen Darlene   Darlene    
1972 No Hansen Ed   Ed
1972 No Hardy Kathy   Kathy Sherman
1972 No Harllee Mike   Mike
1972 No Harper David   David   D_Harper@NEWPARKDF.COM
1972 Yes Harris Ann   Ann    
1972 Yes Harris Vonnie   Vonnie    
1972 Yes Harrison John   John   No email?  On Classmates 
1972 Yes Harrison Jeanine   Jeanine    
1972 Yes Harrison Mae   Mae    
1972 No Hastings James   Jim   no email 081603
1972 Yes Hayhurst Denise   Denise    
1972 No Hedrick Donald   Donald
1972 Yes Hendricks Dave   Dave    
1972 Yes Henson Jerri   Jerri    
1972 Yes Herber Leann   Leann    
1972 Yes Hernandez Minerva   Minerva    
1972 Yes Hernandez Norma   Norma    
1972 Yes Hernandez Gloria J. Gloria Rascon No email?  On Classmates 
1972 Yes Hernandez Patricia   Patricia    
1972 Yes Hernandez Vidal   Vidal    
1972 No Herndon Marsha   Marsha Wheless
1972 No Herren Ross   Ross
1972 Yes Hills Kelly   Kelly    
1972 No Hinojosa Lydia Rose Lily   Deceased June 1990
1972 Yes Hobbs Joe Ellen Joe    
1972 Yes Hobelman Gladys   Gladys McCord No email?  On Classmates
1972 Yes Hogan Bobby   Bobby    
1972 Yes Holman Richard   Richard    
1972 No Holt Garry W. Gary   No email/On classmates
1972 Yes Hominick Lilian   Lilian    
1972 Yes Howard Duff   Duff    
1972 Yes Howard Glen   Glen    
1972 No Humphries Bob   Bobby   Deceased 
1972 Yes Hunt Regena   Regena    
1972 No Hunter Clifton   Clif
1972 No Hutchins Alyce   Alyce Olson
1972 Yes Hutchinson James   James    
1972 Yes Huxell Susan   Susan   No email?  On Classmates 
1972 Yes Irvin Kathy   Kathy    
1972 Yes Iwanski Andrew   Andrew    
1972 No Jackson Ralph   Ralph   Deceased
1972 Yes Jackson Scott   Scott    
1972 Yes Jackson Becky   Becky    
1972 No Jackson Marilyn   Marilyn Wells
1972 Yes Jackson Mike   Mike    
1972 Yes Jalifi Diana   Diana    
1972 Yes Jernigan Ronald   Ronnie    
1972 No Jimenez Mario   Mario   deceased 4-18-04 
1972 Yes Jochetz Barbara   Barbara  Sutton No email/On classmates
1972 Yes Johnson Ben   Ben    
1972 Yes Johnson James   James    
1972 Yes Johnson Patricia   Patricia    
1972 Yes Johnson Don   Don    
1972 Yes Johnston Johnny   Johnny    
1972 Yes Jones Cheryl   Cheryl    
1972 Yes Jones Keith   Keith    
1972 No Jones Michael   Michael
1972 No Jordan Terri   Terri Roseth
1972 Yes Jurica Allan   Allan    
1972 No Kaper Gloria   Gloria Henson
1972 No Karam Sandra   Sandra Hall
1972 Yes Kaspar Gloria   Gloria    
1972 No Kautz Karen   Karen Jeter
1972 No Keeney Caye   Caye
1972 Yes Kehoe Anna   Anna    
1972 No Kelley Glen   Glen   no email 090603
1972 Yes Kemper Mary   Mary    
1972 No Keltner Scott   Scott
1972 Yes Key James   James    
1972 Yes Keyes Deborah Lynn Deborah    
1972 Yes Kibbey Billy   Billy    
1972 Yes Kim Bu Up Bu    
1972 No King Ann   Ann Currens
1972 Yes Kinsley Doug   Doug    
1972 No Kirk Deborah Ann Debi Tonne
1972 Yes Kirts Sue   Sue    
1972 Yes Klare Mike   Mike    
1972 Yes Knight Karen   Karen    
1972 Yes Knight Rhonda   Rhonda    
1972 No Koch Marcella   Marcella Ramsey
1972 Yes Kosarek Peggy   Peggy    
1972 Yes Kralik David   David   No email?  On Classmates 
1972 Yes Krieg Carol   Carol    
1972 Yes Krum Sandy   Sandy    
1972 Yes Kurtz Gary   Gary    
1972 Yes Kunze Susie     Campbell need new e-mail
1972 Yes Lacy Gary   Gary    
1972 Yes Lamberth Rod   Rod    
1972 Yes Lane Debbie   Debbie    
1972 Yes Laney Lin   Lin    
1972 Yes Lantz Randy   Randy    
1972 Yes Large Debbie   Debbie    
1972 Yes Lathrop Becky   Becky    
1972 Yes Lawhan Vicki   Vicki    
1972 Yes Lawley Everett   Everett    
1972 Yes Lee Timmie   Timmie   No email?  On Classmates
1972 Yes Lentz Jon   Jon    
1972 Yes Lewis Bill   Bill    
1972 Yes Lewis Debbie   Debbie    
1972 Yes Lewis Ray   Ray    
1972 No Liling Donna G Donna Hightower
1972 Yes Littlejohn Jeffery   Jeff    
1972 Yes Livingston Janice   Janice    
1972 No London Thomas L. Tommy
1972 No Lopez Eli   Eli
1972 Yes Lozano Aurora   Aurora    
1972 Yes Lozano Danny   Danny   No email?  On Classmates
1972 Yes Lozano Mona   Mona    
1972 Yes Lucas Charmaine   Charmaine    
1972 Yes Luis Mary   Mary    
1972 Yes Lyman Susan   Susan    
1972 No Mackle Patricia   Pat   no email 11/04
1972 Yes Maddry Lisa   Lisa    
1972 Yes Magouirk Vernie   Vernie    
1972 No Mahaffey Rodney   Rodney
1972 Yes Maloney Mike   Mike    
1972 Yes Mandel Al   Al    
1972 Yes Mangum Larry   Larry    
1972 Yes Marcum Vicky   Vicky    
1972 Yes Maresh Nancy   Nancy    
1972 Yes Marion Debby   Debby    
1972 Yes M'arsalis Donna   Donna Holloway
1972 Yes Martin Jennifer   Jennifer    
1972 Yes Martin Glenn   Glenn    
1972 Yes Martin Andy   Andy    
1972 Yes Martin William   William    
1972 Yes Martinez Rickey   Rickey    
1972 Yes Martinez Carlos   Carlos   No email?  On Classmates
1972 Yes Martinez Frank   Frank    
1972 Yes Martinez Maria   Maria    
1972 Yes Mason Terry   Terry    
1972 Yes Mata Irma   Irma   No email?  On Classmates
1972 No Mauer Deborah K. Debbi Nugent
1972 Yes May Gene   Gene    
1972 No McCauley Michelle   Michelle Pate
1972 Yes McCauley Charles   Charles    
1972 Yes McCauley Michael   Michael    
1972 No McClelen Vicki Lynn Vicki Kaatz
1972 No McClellan Linda   Linda Sottilo
1972 Yes McClendon Terrie   Terrie    
1972 Yes McConathy Alicia   Alicia    
1972 Yes McCord Yvette   Yvette    
1972 No McCulley Cathy   Cathy Flanagan
1972 Yes McDonald Debra   Debra    
1972 No McDowell David   David   Deceased Dec 1990
1972 Yes McGloin Gil   Gil    
1972 Yes McGregor Dianne   Dianne    
1972 No McGuire Donna   Donna Baker  txtractorgal@hotmail
1972 Yes McInturf Robert   Robert    
1972 Yes McIntyre Darrell   Darrell    
1972 Yes McKinney Marsha   Marsha    
1972 Yes McKinney Kenyon   Kenyon   No email?  On Classmates 
1972 Yes McLaughlin Durrel   Durrel    
1972 Yes McLaughlin Kathleen   Kathleen   No email?  On Classmates
1972 Yes McMillan David   David   No email?  On Classmates
1972 Yes McNitzky Judy   Judy    
1972 No Meadows Roy David Roy
1972 No Mechling Leea   Leea Gonzales
1972 Yes Mecom Kenneth   Kenneth    
1972 No Melvin Russell   Russell
1972 Yes Mendez Mike   Mike   No email?  On Classmates
1972 Yes Mendiola Susan   Susan    
1972 Yes Mendoza Omar   Omar    
1972 Yes Mendoza Gloria   Gloria    
1972 Yes Meniola Joe   Joe    
1972 Yes Merriam Sarah   Sarah   No email?  On Classmates
1972 No Miculka Beverly   Beverly
1972 No Miles Clark   Clark
1972 Yes Miller Richard   Richard    
1972 No Miller Twila  J Twila  Merrill
1972 Yes Mingram Mary   Mary    
1972 No Minucci Mario   Mario   Not Published 
1972 Yes Misamore Michael   Michael    
1972 Yes Mitchell Robert   Robert    
1972 Yes Mokry Bernie   Bernie    
1972 Yes Montoya Emilio   Emilio    
1972 Yes Moody John   John    
1972 Yes Moore Roddie   Roddie    
1972 Yes Moore Sharon   Sharon    
1972 Yes Moore Kathy   Kathy    
1972 Yes Moore Spencer L. Spencer   No email?  On Classmates
1972 Yes Moore Tim   Tim    
1972 Yes Moore Tom   Tom    
1972 Yes Morales Anna   Anna    
1972 Yes Moren Jeanne   Jeanne    
1972 Yes Moreno Alex   Alex    
1972 Yes Moreno Robert   Robert    
1972 No Morgan Michelle   Michelle McCallick
1972 No Morrison Ricky   Ricky   Deceased 1992
1972 Yes Mosier Jonnie   Jonnie    
1972 Yes Mosley Mike   Mike    
1972 No Moss Deborah   Debbie Ewing
1972 Yes Moss Lawrence   Larry   No email?  On Classmates
1972 Yes Mota Daniel   Daniel    
1972 Yes Muniz Diana   Diana    
1972 No Murphrey Tom   Tommy
1972 Yes Murphy Lois   Lisa    
1972 No Murtaugh Margaret   Margie Hirschman
1972 Yes Myers Kenny   Kenny    
1972 Yes Nail Doyle   Doyle    
1972 No Nault James   James   Deceased 7/6/02 
1972 Yes Neal Sandy   Sandy    
1972 No Neas Lashea   Lashea Koliba
1972 No Nelson James Richard  Rick    
1972 Yes Nelson John   John    
1972 Yes Nelson Greg   Greg    
1972 Yes Nelson Marette   Marette    
1972 No Nelson Ronnie
1972 No Nelson James   Rick
1972 Yes Nesloney Beverly   Beverly    
1972 Yes Nieto William   William    
1972 No Nugent Kenny   Ken
1972 Yes Null Marvin   Marvin    
1972 Yes Obert Carol   Carol    
1972 Yes Ochoa Marcia A. Marcia   No email?  On Classmates
1972 Yes O'Daniel Ann   Ann    
1972 Yes Odrobina Pat   Pat    
1972 Yes Olivares Gilma   Gilma    
1972 No Oman Robert   Robert
1972 Yes Ortega Mary Ann Mary    
1972 Yes Ortiz Joe   Joe   No email?  On Classmates
1972 Yes Otto Roger   Roger