The email addresses contained herein are private and confidential.  The intent of this list is for individual use and not mass mailings.  All mass mailings should be made through reunion contacts only.  Any other use is prohibited.

 Reunion contacts will not be responsible for misuse

Yr Grad Lost? Last Name First Name Middle Nickname Married Name Email Name
1969 Yes Abney John K. John    
1969 Yes Aboud Patricia K. Patricia    
1969 No Abrego Becky   Becky Flores  No email 12/1/04
1969 No Acevedo Augustine R. Augustine    
1969 Yes Adame Irene   Irene    
1969 No Adams Charles D. Charles   No email / On Classmates 
1969 No Adams Dusty   Dusty
1969 No Aguilar Grace   Grace Guerra No email 11/04
1969 Yes Akins Howard   Howard    
1969 Yes Albrecht John Patrick John    
1969 No Aleman Roel Gonzales Roel
1969 No Allen Debbie   Debbie Gauthier No email 9/04
1969 No Allen Sylvia Margarita Sylvia Hinojosa
1969 No Alvarez Arnold   Arnold   No email
1969 No Anderson Liz   Liz Phelan
1969 No Anderson Lynn   Lynn   Deceased 5-1-04
1969 No Arthur Dorothy V. Dorothy Gunter
1969 No Athey Frank    
1969 No Ayars Gary   Gary   Deceased 4/13/06 
1969 No Aydell Sharman Elizabeth Sharman Corbitt
1969 Yes Bailey Jamie   Jamie    
1969 Yes Bair Lonnie            
1969 No Baker Deborah   Deborah Heil
1969 No Baker Jr. James F. Jim
1969 Yes Baldwin Marsha   Marsha    
1969 No Barber Patricia   Pat Wendel
1969 No Barfoot Henry Eddie Henry   No email
1969 No Barnett John Fritz John   No email / On Classmates
1969 No Barrett Ronnie   Ronnie    
1969 Yes Bartram James   James
1969 No Bartram Linda Shae Linda Miller 
1969 No Baugher Richard M. Rick   No email 9/03
1969 No Beal Nancy Kae Nancy Liles
1969 No Beckett Joy   Joy Burch No email / On Classmates
1969 Yes Behrens Darlene Kay Darlene    
1969 No Bell Willam Scott Willam    
1969 Yes Bellow Daniel Glyn Daniel    
1969 No Bemis Claire   Claire Geesee
1969 No Betts Nancy Lee Nancy Jongema  
1969 Yes Bible Larry   Larry    
1969 No Biles Roy K. Roy
1969 Yes Billings Marilyn      Carter No email?  On Classmates
1969 No Blount Jeff   Jeff
1969 No Blystone Larry   Larry   No email
1969 No Bodden Charles   Charles   No email
1969 No Boldt Jan Lynette Jan Leiser
1969 No Bomar Molly Jeanette Jeanette Coers
1969 No Booker Brian Nelson Brian
1969 No Bordelon Gary   Gary   No email
1969 No Bost Shirley Mae Shirley
1969 No Boucher Melissa A. Melissa Porter
1969 Yes Boyer Barbara   Barbara    
1969 Yes Bradford Linda   Linda    
1969 No Brice Susan Margaret Susan Bonich
1969 Yes Brigmond Mary Patricia Mary    
1969 Yes Brittain Douglas   Douglas    
1969 Yes Broadus Pat   Pat    
1969 No Broadway Ronald   Pete
1969 No Bronstad Robert O. Robert
1969 No Brown Janet Ellen Janet Prather
1969 No Brown Karen   Karen Smith
1969 No Brown Suzzette   Suzzette Butler
1969 No Buffington Brenda L. Brenda Schrader
1969 No Burck Steven W. Steve
1969 No Busby Nancy   Nancy
1969 No Butler Anita Arleen Anita   No email
1969 No Byers Harlene Kay Harlene Trevino No email 9/04
1969 Yes Byrd Jerry   Jerry    
1969 No Byrd Mike   Mike   No email
1969 No Byrum Richard L. Richard   Deceased July 1975
1969 No Byrum Tom   Tom   No email
1969 No Caffall John   John
1969 No Campbell Charles David Charles   Deceased 6/04
1969 No Cantrell Gene E Gene
1969 Yes Cantu Dora C. Dora Martinez  
1969 No Canty Daniel R. Danny   No email
1969 Yes Carlile Pat   Pat    
1969 No Carpenter Danny   Danny   No email 3/04
1969 No Carr Jeannie    Jeannie Reilly
1969 No Carrell Bobbie Jo Bobbie Mellard
1969 No Carroll Mickie   Mickie Spears
1969 No Carter Leslie Gene Leslie   No email
1969 No Casas Diana C. Diana
1969 No Cerda Gilbert N.  Gilbert
1969 No Chamberlain Dan   Dan    
1969 Yes Champian Ben    Ben    
1969 Yes Chewing Stephen Lee Stephen    
1969 No Clark Judy   Judy Flora
1969 No Clark Elaine   Elaine Spitzer
1969 Yes Claunch Brenda   Brenda    
1969 No Clayton Thomas C. Tom   Deceased Jan 1996
1969 No Clayton Rebecca L. Rebecca Trojan No email
1969 No Clevenger Connie Jean Connie Comeaux
1969 No Cobb Dorothy Glenn Dorothy Hammond
1969 No Coker William Dwight Dwight
1969 No Coldiron Nita Gail Nita Shanley
1969 Yes Collins Peggy Mae Peggy Hastings  
1969 No Comeaux Chris Paul Chris
1969 Yes Compton Jennifer   Jennifer    
1969 Yes Contreras Thelma   Thelma    
1969 Yes Contreras Mary   Mary    
1969 Yes Cook Lynda Jean Lynda Shivers  
1969 No Cooks Abie R.  Abie (510)527-2720
1969 Yes Cooper Ellen B. Ellen    
1969 No Cooper Beverly Jeanne Beverly McKee
1969 No Corbitt Dennis Todd Dennis
1969 No Cover Don   Don
1969 Yes Cox Susan Celeste Susan    
1969 No Cox Julie   Julie D'Elena   
1969 No Craft John   John
1969 Yes Crawford Claude   Claude    
1969 No Cross Mike   Mike    
1969 Yes Crutcher Vicki D. Vicki    
1969 No Cunningham Larry Wayne Larry   No email
1969 No Cunningham Kay Elizabeth Kay Cover
1969 No Dailey Mike   Mike   Not To Publish
1969 Yes Daniels Eric E. Eric    
1969 Yes Davies Donna   Donna    
1969 Yes Davis Mike   Mike    
1969 No Davis Steve Reid Steve   No email 9/04
1969 No Deal Kyle Lee Kyle   Deceased March 2007
1969 No Deases Kathy   Kathy Moss
1969 No DeAtley Kay   Kay Bishop
1969 No DeHoyas Lydia   Lydia   Deceased 
1969 No DeLaGarza Alfred   Alfred
1969 No DeLaGarza Juan   Juan   No email
1969 No DeLeon Norma L. Norma Rodriquez No email
1969 No DeLeon Inelda   Inelda Hernandez No email
1969 Yes Delgado Sylvia   Sylvia Wheeler  
1969 No Deny Evelina   Evelina Mata Deceased 
1969 No Diaz Aurora Ann Aurora Rives 
1969 No Dieter Debra Helen Debra Stoker
1969 Yes Dix Tony Ray Tony    
1969 No Dominy Bill   Bill   Deceased Sept. 1998
1969 Yes Donaho Janet Kay Janet    
1969 Yes Donaldson Ronald   Ron   Need new email
1969 No Doner Jennifer   Jennifer
1969 Yes Douglas Earl Brittain Earl    
1969 No Dowless James   James   No email
1969 No Driver Richard   Rick
1969 No Dugan Donna Ruth Donna Lancaster No email?  On Classmates
1969 No Dugat Carol Anne Carol Rodriquez No email
1969 No DuPlantier Sidney Elva Sidney Nau No email
1969 No Dycus Gary L. Gary    
1969 No Eastwood Mona   Mona   No email 10/04
1969 Yes Edwards Ricky   Ricky    
1969 Yes Edwards Terry D. Terry    
1969 Yes Ellington Bob   Bob    
1969 Yes Ellis Sharon A. Sharon Peterson  
1969 No Elzner Lawrence Joseph Larry   deceased May, 2004
1969 No Emmons Roger   Roger
1969 Yes Espinoza Patrick   Patrick   No email?  On Classmates
1969 Yes Evans Dan   Dan    
1969 Yes Evans Joyce   Joyce Crumbling  
1969 No Evetts Tim   Tim
1969 No Falk Nora   Nora Davis No email
1969 No Fenner Jack   Jack   No email
1969 Yes Fields Karen Ann Karen  
1969 No Findley Leonard   Leonard
1969 No Fite James H. James   FUSFAS@GRANDECOM.NET
1969 Yes Flores Loretta A. Loretta    
1969 No Flores Jesse   Jesse   No email
1969 No Florez Paul Homer Paul
1969 Yes Floyd Karen June Karen Smyth  
1969 No Forbus Gary Lee Gary
1969 No Fornell Adrienne L. Adrienne Cargo
1969 No Forrest Rhonda Carrol Rhonda Pugh No email
1969 No Fowler Tim   Tim   No email?  On Classmates 
1969 No Fowler William Laird William
1969 No Frank Roger   Roger   need new e-mail
1969 No Freeman Jim S. Jim   Deceased
1969 No Freeman Deborah   Deborah
1969 No Freeman Rinda   Rinda   No email?  On Classmates
1969 No Gaines Gene A. Gene
1969 No Galan Robert   Robert   No email?  On Classmates 
1969 No Gallagher Charles William Charles   Deceased May 1989
1969 No Galvan Edna   Edna Grigsby
1969 Yes Garcia Herminia   Herminia    
1969 No Garcia Donna Nell   Donna Lyon  Deceased December 25th 2007
1969 Yes Garcia Johnny   Johnny    
1969 No Garcia Mary Jane Mary   No Email
1969 Yes Garcia, Jr. Domingo   Domingo    
1969 Yes Garrett Danny S. Danny    
1969 Yes Garza Roland   Roland    
1969 No Garza Anna Maria Annie Robertson 
1969 Yes Garza Becky L. Becky    
1969 No Garza David L. David   No email
1969 No Gauthier Jerry   Jerry
1969 No Gayler Gayla Beth Gayla Kelly
1969 Yes Geer Becky   Becky    
1969 No Geesee Gary   Gary
1969 Yes George Steven   Steven    
1969 No Gerniottis Chriss A. Chriss   No email 11/04
1969 No Gibbins Cynthia Sue Cynthia Holmes  
1969 No Gibson Michael Wayne Michael     
1969 No Gibson John Robert John   No email 5/5/05
1969 No Gilmore Jerrel Carter Jerry
1969 No Gilpin John Marshall John
1969 No Girten A'Lana Darnell A'Lana Welch
1969 No Goates Pamela Sue Pamela Justus
1969 No Goeke Sharon Marie Sharon Lee  
1969 Yes Gomez Maria   Maria    
1969 Yes Gongora Magalie A. Magalie Abrego  
1969 Yes Gonzales Esther   Esther    
1969 Yes Gonzales Ruben   Ruben    
1969 Yes Gonzales Raul   Raul    
1969 No Gonzales Henry   Henry    
1969 Yes Gonzalez James Noel James    
1969 Yes Gonzalez Jesus   Jesus    
1969 No Gonzalez Patsy Ann Patsy Kuddes No email
1969 No Goos Danny J. Danny   No email
1969 No Graf Tim   Tim
1969 No Graham Mark L Mark
1969 Yes Grant Dago   Dago    
1969 Yes Graybeal Annie   Annie    
1969 No Green Susan Lee Susan Sharp No email?  On Classmates
1969 No Green Richard Bruce Richard
1969 Yes Greer Sharon Alynn Sharon    
1969 Yes Grett Cathy   Cathy DeAtley  
1969 No Gregorcyk Donna     Hughes No email?  On Classmates
1969 Yes Griffin Queita Ysleta Queita    
1969 Yes Griffin Claude   Claude    
1969 No Guajardo Noelia   Nellie Gamez no email
1969 Yes Guerra Linda   Linda    
1969 No Guerra Johnny   Johnny   No email
1969 No Guill Clarance   Skipper   No email?  On Classmates 
1969 Yes Hagy Eleanor I. Eleanor Woods  
1969 No Haley Bill R. Bill
1969 No Hampton Lindell C. Lindell   no email
1969 No Hamrick Bill D. Bill   No email 10/04
1969 No Hankins Judy Lynn Judy West No email
1969 No Harbaugh James Albert James
1969 No Hardy Bonnie Jean Bonnie
1969 No Harlin Jerry   Jerry
1969 No Harper Jody   Jody Walker
1969 No Harrell Susan Marie Susan   No email
1969 No Harrsch Robin Jean Robin   No email 
1969 No Hentenach Patricia   Patricia Vaughan  No Email? On Classmates
1969 Yes Hernandez Yolanda   Yolanda    
1969 Yes Hernandez Amelia   Amelia    
1969 Yes Hernandez Myrna Elizabeth Myrna    
1969 Yes Herrera Daniel   Daniel    
1969 No Herring Sandra Jean Sandy Norman
1969 No Higgins Linda Sue Linda Granberry     Reunion Contact
1969 No Hill Melody Kay Melody Lavy  
1969 No Hill Michael T. Michael
1969 Yes Hinman Robert   Robert    
1969 No Hodgens LaRue Kay LaRue Saenz
1969 No Hodges Anita Kay Kay Thompson
1969 No Hoelter Valery Jan Valery Junge
1969 Yes Hoenscheidt Bobby   Bobby    
1969 Yes Hogan Michael L. Michael    
1969 No Hogue Howard    George     Deceased
1969 No Hoogendorn Richard L. Richard
1969 No Hopkins Kathryn L. Kathy
1969 Yes Hoppe, III Eugene Anthony Eugene    
1969 Yes Hopper Phoebe A. Phoebe    
1969 Yes Horne W. Charlene Charlene    
1969 No Hover Jolynn E. Jolynn Foster
1969 No Howe Jane R. Jane Glanzer
1969 No Hoyer David L. David
1969 Yes Hubble Martha   Martha    
1969 Yes Hudson John C. John    
1969 No Hudson Glen R. Glen
1969 No Huett Gloria   Gloria LaTour  
1969 Yes Hughes Bobbie   Bobbie    
1969 No Hughes Roger   Roger   No email
1969 No Humphries Suzy   Suzy Kreisburg No email
1969 No Hutchins Lynn B. Lynn   No email
1969 No Ingram Dana   Dana Fitch No email
1969 Yes Irvin Jane   Jane    
1969 Yes Irvin Cynthia Gail Cynthia Richey  
1969 No Iwanski Frank   Frank   No email
1969 Yes Jackson Kathryn Ann Kathryn    
1969 Yes Jackson Lynda Kay Lynda    
1969 No Jackson Marilyn Sue Susie Whittle  
1969 No Janosek Joseph   Joseph Graduated Ray  High School 
1969 No Jarbeaux Lynn P. Lynn    
1969 No Jenkins Debbie   Debbie Parish No email?  On Classmates 
1969 No Jenkins Frankie
1969 No Jennings Pam   Pam   Deceased 
1969 Yes Jimenez Alfredo H. Alfredo    
1969 Yes Johnson James   James    
1969 Yes Johnson Richard   Richard    
1969 No Johnson Susan       No email?  On Classmates
1969 Yes Johnston David W. David    
1969 No Johnston Janie Blair Janie
1969 Yes Jones Debbie   Debbie Walz  
1969 No Jones Lisa Lynn Lisa
1969 No Jones James M Jim
1969 No Jones Sandra Kaye Sandy    
1969 No Jones Thomas John Tommy
1969 Yes Jordan Gayle Suzanne Susi    
1969 No Juelg, Jr. James E. James
1969 No Kaspar Gabriel   Gabe
1969 No Kearnes R. Michael Mike   No email?  On Classmates 
1969 No Kervin David Paul David   No email 1/04
1969 No Key Elaine   Elaine Johnson No email 11/04
1969 Yes Kiddy Nick   Nick    
1969 No Kiddy David   David   No email
1969 No Kiely Karen   Karen Magner No email? On Classmates
1969 No King Pamela   Pam
1969 Yes King Paul R. Paul    
1969 Yes Kinstley Mike   Mike    
1969 Yes Kooky Billie   Billie    
1969 Yes Kraft Gerald   Gerald    
1969 No Krell William   William
1969 Yes Krnavek Marcy M. Marcy Schnell  
1969 No Krnavek Ronald   Ronnie   Deceased Sept 20, 2005
1969 No Krnavek Mike   Mike
1969 No Kunze Beverly Ruth Beverly Randall
1969 Yes Kutin Deborah   Deborah    
1969 No Lamberth Janet Elizabeth Janet   Deceased March 2003 
1969 No Lancaster Ronald   Ron    
1969 No Langford Lewis H. Lewis   no email 11/14/04
1969 No Larson Terrance Lee Terry
1969 Yes Layton Jim   Jim    
1969 Yes Leal Gregory       No email? On Classmates
1969 No Lee Billy   Billy
1969 No Lee Anne Elizabeth Anne
1969 Yes Lerma Diana   Diana    
1969 Yes Lewis John       No email? On Classmates
1969 No Levy Bill   Bill   No email
1969 No Livingston Wade   Wade    
1969 Yes London Billy R. Billy    
1969 Yes Longoria Sarah   Sarah    
1969 Yes Lopez David   David   No email?  On Classmates
1969 Yes Lopez Valerie Lynn Valerie    
1969 No Louviere Helena   Helena
1969 No Lowak Larry   Larry
1969 Yes Lozano Dinora   Dinora    
1969 Yes Lozano Gabriel       No email? On Classmates
1969 Yes Luis Leonardo   Leonardo    
1969 No Lumpkin Keri   Keri Foy
1969 No Lumry William W. William   No email
1969 No Marlatt Tommy   Tommy
1969 No Martinez Sandra   Sandra Gonzales   
1969 No Massey Virgil B. Virgil
1969 No Mata Eveline   Deny   Deceased
1969 No McCabe Art   Art   Deceased 
1969 No McCarty William   William   No email
1969 Yes McCoy Linda   Linda    
1969 Yes McIntosh Darlene   Darlene    
1969 No McInturf Sue   Sue Chapman
1969 Yes McIntyre Laura   Laura    
1969 No McKee Larry   Larry   No email
1969 Yes McLaughlin Jack D. Jack    
1969 No McWha Kenneth   Ken
1969 No Measell Walter Stephen Steve
1969 No Melhart Larry A. Larry
1969 Yes Menchaca Joyce   Joyce    
1969 No Miller Rodney   Rodney
1969 No Miller Randall Roy Randy
1969 No Mills Richard W. Richard
1969 No Moates Judybelle   Judybelle
1969 Yes Moerbe Rick   Rick    
1969 Yes Molina Rudy   Rudy    
1969 No Moore Deborah Diane Debbie Worden
1969 Yes Moreno Raquel   Raquel    
1969 No Moretich Gene   Gene   No email
1969 No Morgan Eileen Hardy
1969 Yes Morrison Shirley   Shirley    
1969 Yes Mosemeyer Bobby   Bobby    
1969 No Mosier Donna Jean Donna Allen
1969 Yes Motley Vickie E. Vickie    
1969 Yes Mullins Paula Jean Paula    
1969 No Murphy Don   Don   No email 11/04
1969 No Murtaugh Catherine Anne Catherine Stacks  
1969 No Muston Roger B. Roger   No email
1969 Yes Najera Johnnie A. Johnnie    
1969 Yes Nelson Elizabeth   Elizabeth    
1969 Yes Nesbitt Mary   Mary   No email?  On Classmates
1969 No Nesbitt Stephen A. Steve
1969 Yes Netek, Jr. Rudy   Rudy   No email?  On Classmates
1969 No Noel Duan D. Duan   No email
1969 Yes Olivares Cynthia C. Cynthia Gonzales No email?  On Classmates
1969 Yes Olson Anita   Anita    
1969 No Olson Wayne J. Wayne    
1969 Yes Orbison Steve   Steve    
1969 Yes Osborne Kenneth   Kenneth   No email?  On Classmates
1969 No Ovalle Raymond   Raymond   Deceased July 1986 
1969 No Owen Steve   Steve
1969 No Ozuna Manuel   Manuel
1969 No Pacheco Adel   Adel
1969 Yes Padilla Robert S. Robert    
1969 Yes Padilla Frank   Frank    
1969 Yes Palma Calvin E.T. Calvin    
1969 Yes Parish Deborah   Debbie Sumers  
1969 Yes Parish Murry Don Murry    
1969 No Parker Teri Linn Teri Barrington TERI.BARRINGTON@SCHWAB.COM
1969 Yes Parkinson Patrick N. Patrick    
1969 No Pearce Jeffrey J. Jeffrey
1969 No Peck Micheal D. Michael
1969 Yes Pena Nelda Y. Nelda    
1969 Yes Pena Ruben M. Ruben    
1969 Yes Peppers Linda   Linda    
1969 Yes Perez Lesbia   Lesbia    
1969 Yes Perez Margie   Margie    
1969 Yes Perez Hortensia S. Hortensia    
1969 No Perez Susie   Susie Garza No email
1969 No Perez Margarita   Margarita Poles
1969 No Perez, Jr. Julian   Julian
1969 Yes Perrenot Gary B. Gary    
1969 Yes Phillips Robert L. Robert    
1969 No Phillips Niki Sue Niki
1969 Yes Pierce Michael Jon Mike   No email?  On Classmates
1969 No Pierce Darrell Lee Darrell
1969 Yes Pippin Bobby W. Bobby   Need new email
1969 No Pless Gail   Gail Hamilton
1969 No Plocek Willaim V. Willaim   Deceased 10/3/01
1969 No Plocek Michael B. Michael
1969 No Polasek Marvin Joe Marvin
1969 No Popejoy Rodney Dean Rodney
1969 No Popejoy Renee Jean Renee Jones
1969 No Porcher Bruce   Bruce
1969 No Prater Patrick   Patrick   Deceased Nov 1989 
1969 No Price Butch   Butch
1969 Yes Puente Julian   Julian   No email?  On Classmates
1969 Yes Puigdomenech Richard   Richard    
1969 No Pullin Alex O. Alex
1969 Yes Quintanilla Arthur   Arthur    
1969 Yes Quintanilla Onesimo S. Onesimo    
1969 Yes Quiroz Joe H. Joe    
1969 No Ramey Lesli   Lesli McGuire
1969 Yes Ramirez Felipe   Felipe    
1969 Yes Ramon Linda   Linda Acosta No email?  On Classmates
1969 Yes Ramos Iris Anid Iris   No email?  On Classmates
1969 Yes Ramos Alma   Alma    
1969 Yes Ramos Ann       No email? On Classmates
1969 No Ramos Ira   Ira   No email
1969 No Randolph James   James
1969 Yes Rangel Irma   Irma    
1969 No Rao Laura Lee Laura Thompson
1969 Yes Rasmussen Craig   Craig    
1969 No Reagan, Jr. Obie W. Obie    
1969 No Redfern K.D.   Kate    
1969 Yes Redus Mable Cecilia Mable Williams  
1969 No Reed Herbert A. H.A.
1969 No Regmund George H. George
1969 No Regmund Jo Ann Jo Schnelle Deceased 2007
1969 Yes Reyes Richard   Richard    
1969 No Reyes Mary Frences Mary Silvas No email
1969 Yes Reynolds Brenda K. Brenda    
1969 No Rhodes Tawnya K. Tawnya LaPointe No email
1969 No Richmond Jackie   Jackie Scott
1969 Yes Rios Dorenne     Solomon No email?  On Classmates
1969 No Rike Larrie Sue Larrie    
1969 No Roberson Richard   Dickie
1969 No Roberts Linda Sue Linda Menius No email
1969 No Roberts James Ross James   No email
1969 No Rocha Alan Rodney Rodney    
1969 No Rodela Jesus   Jesus   No email
1969 Yes Rogers Joseph   Joseph    
1969 No Rosales Elizabeth   Elizabeth   No email
1969 No Rose Mary Jean Mary McAllister  No email ? On Classmates
1969 No Ross Celeste   Celeste Hagel
1969 No Rowling David   David   No email
1969 Yes Rubio Roland   Roland    
1969 Yes Ruiz Constantine M. Constantine    
1969 Yes Russell Elizabeth   Elizabeth    
1969 Yes Saenz Leo E. Leo    
1969 No Salinas Sylvia Sue Sylvia Liberty No email
1969 No Samford Danny   Danny   Deceased  March 29th 2000
1969 No Sanders Iva Lynn Iva Zimmerman
1969 No Sanders Jerry   Jerry   No email
1969 No Scheible Patsy   Patsy (Pat) Cook
1969 No Schliska Linda Sue Linda Brown
1969 Yes Schlorman Susan Darlene Susan Kesler  
1969 No Schneider Mark   Mark   No email
1969 Yes Schubert Joseph M. Joseph    
1969 No Schwartz Donine   Donine    
1969 Yes Scott Bonnie   Bonnie    
1969 Yes Scott Michael G.   Michael No email?  On Classmates
1969 No Scott Michael D. Michael   No email
1969 Yes Sears Samantha   Samantha    
1969 Yes Segura Edna V. Edna    
1969 Yes Selman Dane   Dane    
1969 No Shaw Paulette   Paulette   No email
1969 No Shearer Rebecca Lee Becky Gerick
1969 No Sheen Robert T. Bob
1969 Yes Sheldon Mary   Mary Thompson  
1969 Yes Shelley David   David    
1969 No Shook Steve   Steve   No email
1969 No Short Caroline F. Caroline
1969 No Shotts John D. John
1969 No Siegel Frank J. Frank    
1969 Yes Silva David S. David    
1969 Yes Silvas Jesse   Jesse    
1969 Yes Singer Dorothy   Dorothy    
1969 Yes Singer Mary Ann Mary    
1969 Yes Smiley Lezli Janiece Lezli Baugher  
1969 No Smith Phillip   Phillip   Deceased    1983 
1969 No Smith Sharron   Sharron Hoogendoorn
1969 Yes Smith Don   Don    
1969 No Smith Beckie   Beckie Zientara
1969 No Smith Gerald E. Gerald
1969 Yes Smith Bill T. Bill   No email
1969 No Smith Deborah L Debbie   No email
1969 No Snead Carol Anne Carol Daniel Not Published
1969 No Snively David   David   Deceased Feb 1999
1969 No Solar David Michael David   No email
1969 No Sollers Harley Carl Carl   Deceased July 1984
1969 Yes Sorenson Kathy   Kathy    
1969 No Southward Chris   Chris   Deceased
1969 Yes Sparks Gretchen   Gretchen Showman  
1969 Yes Spears Gary   Gary    
1969 No Spivey Dyrck L. Dyrck   No email
1969 No Springer Elaine   Elaine Lewis  
1969 No Springs Allan   Allan   Not Published 
1969 No Sprott Kathy   Kathy Carpenter
1969 No Spruce David   David
1969 Yes Stahl Debra   Debra    
1969 Yes Standard Terry   Terry    
1969 No Stanford Bobby   Bob
1969 No Steckel Beth Ann Beth McAvoy No email
1969 No Steifel Judy   Judy
1969 Yes Stewart John R. John   No email?  On Classmates
1969 Yes Stewart Paige   Paige Reeves  
1969 No Stone Patti   Patti Elkins pelkins1969
1969 Yes Stovall Susan   Susan Ray  
1969 No Stuessy Edward E. Edward   No email
1969 No Sturtz Mark Randall Mark
1969 Yes Swank Jerry Franklin Jerry    
1969 No Teter Donna Lee Donna Evans   
1969 No Thomas John   John